Why He Stopped Texting Me? Here Are The Reasons You Should Know!

1. His busy life eventually catches up

Maybe his work has just got too busy even for him to take the slightest break to talk to you.

Do not go panicking just yet, wait until he is done with his work at night and take a look at what is going on.

If he still does not reply to your messages even after the nightfall, you are allowed to text him asking about what is going on.

He may answer you explaining why could not respond to your messages during the day.

And if the guy has already set his eyes on you, there is nothing else you should worry about in the end.

2. You’re being a tad too pushy

Some people can be impatient at times especially when a relationship is still in its early stages.

And guess what, some people just can’t stand a pushy person. So, despite whatever it is that is going around in your head, do not smother him with texts.

He should be the one making an effort to win your heart. You can play hard to get to see if he is a good person.

If he is, you can give him a shot. Most importantly, a guy may love it when a woman smothers him in person rather than through texts.

3. You’ve offended him with your words

Maybe your words are not that sharp but they can still offend him anyway and now he just has to think about things.

Men and women understand things in different ways especially regarding a couple of things so maybe you need to tone it down a notch.

Just let him be for a moment and he will come back to you. And when you get to know him better, you’ll know things that may offend him.

4. You’re always the first to contact him

You like the guy alright. And that makes it understandable that you want to talk to him 24/7.

However, you need to try to think like him for once and a while. If you keep being the first to make a contact, he will lose his interest in you eventually.

Instead, let him text you first and this will allow you to show him that your life is still fine without him.

Don’t let him think that his not being around you will drive you mad. Keep it this way, no matter how big your interest in him is.

5. What you want isn’t what he wants

Maybe you are after a serious relationship and maybe he’s just looking for a casual hookup.

Things may be just fine between you guys, no hard feelings or offense.

But once he understands that you are after something he does not want, he will stop talking to you.

If things still don’t change even a bit, you better talk to him and be open about what kind of expectation you have on your mind.

6. You’re simply his booty call

Guys can play games and this may lead you into believing that he really cares about you.

A good indication of this would be when he only sends texts late at night and all of them contain sexual stuff.

He could be talking to other women at the same time he’s texting you and waiting for anyone who replies the first.

Now, this is the kind of guy that you should never have any relationship of any kind with. Kick him out of your life and maintain peace of mind.

7. Too many personal information on your part

A guy you just met shouldn’t know everything about your life.

Dumping too much information on the guy you barely know will drive him scared and that’s why you shouldn’t overshare especially about something important.

Your opening up to him too soon will cause him to think that you want to get married already although you just met him.

8. He’s already in a relationship

Some guys are real jerks and just like to boost their ego by texting a woman and seeing if she falls for them.

Once she does, he will most likely pull the ghost, disappearing into thin air.

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