Ways You Can Use Text Messages to Get Your Ex Back

1. The No Contact Rule is to be Followed

The No Contact rule states that you should be in a state of not contacting your ex for at least four weeks.

You simply don’t do anything to contact your ex through any means and for any purposes. No contact means just that, no contact.

The period of no contact will allow him to miss you, which is not plausible if you’re constantly around and blowing his phone with your texts.

It will also provide both of you with clarity and perspective.

If after this no-contact period he still does not make an attempt at contacting you, you can try to establish reconnection through any means that you feel like it.

2. The Happy and Light Text

A happy woman attracts men. Men are drawn to women who are pleasant to be around and to talk to.

Conversely, men will stay away from women who exude negative feelings and are heavily emotional. It is simple; a positive and happy woman is a magnet for guys.

If your ex has been carrying negative feelings toward you throughout the previous relationship, a simple text that feels lighthearted and happy can help take them away and he should be more than eager and ready to talk to you again.

Keep in mind that you should follow the no-contact rule first before doing this.

You will seem safer to him to approach—he may wish to reach out after breaking up with you but he was unsure whether or not you still feel hurt or harbor bitterness.

A lighthearted text that seems happy also shows that you have moved on; those ugly emotions are in the past now and you are already in a better position and place, which accommodates a fresh restart.

Generic texts such as “What’s up?” or “How are you?” should be avoided. Texts like this are apprehensive to your ex.

He might feel a little unsure of whether he should approach you in a friendly manner or anticipate you lashing out on him.

The safest way to reconnect with your ex would be to talk about some memory or experience you share together.

Choose texts that better show that you are thinking of him but not specifically about him.

You do not bury your face into your pillow crying because of him every night.

Tell him that you are moving on with your life and things sometimes pop up reminding you of your ex and you are not afraid of sharing the feelings comfortably with him.

3. The Intrigue Text

It is exactly like what it is; you send texts that intrigue him.

Following a breakup, you should do the best you can to improve on things and present your best self.

If you let things be exactly the way they were before, no one will pay attention to you and your ex will not be triggered into thinking that you two should get back together.

Once you manage to improve, you will show your ex that you have been your best version way better than you were when he was around.

And then send a text to him saying that the thing you have just done reminds you of him and the activity you do brings back a memory of him.

4. The Nostalgic Text

Even guys are undergoing a process in which they idealize the things that are no longer theirs.

This is natural that will help you following a breakup and make it easier for you to win him back again.

Talk to him about all the good things you share together to invoke the feelings of longing in his mind for you.

5. The Feeler Text

The feeler text is perhaps the easiest kind of text you can give a shot at.

This means you send a text in order that you can feel it out and fish out some response.

In a way, you are testing the waters to figure out if your ex is still interested in getting back together.

If he shrugs it off, it may mean that he’s still not ready just yet.

If he takes the bait right away, it means he definitely misses you and wants you to be in his life again.

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