Simple Rules: How to Text a Guy You Like

The first text is always the most difficult.

Some people may advise you that you should wait for a certain period before shooting your first text but the truth is that a concept like that does not make any sense.

You should always make contact sooner. The longer you wait, the chances of things going to happen increases.

During your waiting period, the guy you like might have forgotten that he ever saw you or that you two exchanged number at all.

He might even think that you’re not interested in him, to begin with. You should contact him on the same day or night you meet him.

The content of your first text is indeed important but what’s even more crucial is the fact that you actually reach out to him.

Don’t stress too much about what you say through your first text!

The fact that he gives you his number already serves as an indication that he’s attracted to you so what’s the point of worrying about rejection?

And while you’re at it, upon sending your first text, avoid the ever-generic “Hello”.

“Hello”, “hey”, and “hi” may seem harmless enough but in addition to being generic, they are lazy and dull.

When you send this kind of text, you make the recipient feel like they’re not that special, which in turn makes you seem not very special either to them.

Try to include information like who you are and where you guys met previously in your first text. After establishing contact, your early texts should focus on plans.

It’s a good thing that you two share the same fun texting each other but keep in mind that too much texting before the actual date may burn out any chance to enjoy the first date.

But, you should do it all while at the same time not being too pushy. Keep it calm; your first texts are not an interview.

If anything, asking too many details about that guy will eventually make you end up with nothing to talk about during the actual date.

Besides, asking too many questions during the early texts will only cause you unnecessary stress, rendering you feeling insecure and anxious.

If you keep direct questions in moderation, you will stress less because you would not think about why he hasn’t answered yet or if you’ve offended him somehow after asking some things that are just too detailed and personal.

When it comes to texting, grammar and spelling may not matter in a significant way.

However, you had better used proper English when texting him, especially in your first texts.

Generally speaking, when you use bad English when texting a potential date, you will seem lazy and not quite bright.

The so-called “chatspeak” that uses shortened or modified versions of regular words is a big no and should be avoided at all cost like the plague.

Doing it with your friends is fine but when it comes to impressing the person you’re interested in, this is not the right way to go.

What’s more, the person you’re chat speaking with may not understand the abbreviations, opening the door to many misunderstandings to come.

The tone you choose sets the mood. No matter how many emoticons you used at the end of a sentence, the line might get misinterpreted and you will come across as being overly serious or having crossed the line instead.

Avoid nicknames or pet names when you’re at the early stages of texting. Instead, use their real name.

If you have to include humor in your conversations, the safest bet should be on a callback to your previous encounter.

If you meet the guy when going to the movie, you might make a joke or two related to the movie you two happened to watch together.

Also, there’s no good rule of thumb as to whether or not you should reply immediately. Take it easy; there’s no harm in responding right away.

Yes, it may potentially make you look overeager but there’s an equal chance that it may make you look cute and truly interested in the guy.

It’s okay to wait for some time before replying if you’re worried about being overeager but the notion of waiting for twice the time it takes the other person to reply is simply weird.

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