Should I Text Him First? When You Should and When Shouldn’t?

It is easy to think that the presence of more modern ways to communicate should be something that will help with dating in the 21st century.

However, in actuality, it just makes things unnecessarily more complicated. Tone cannot be assessed properly and it’s not everyone on their phone 24/7.

Should I text him first? Why hasn’t he responded to the text you sent days before?

There are tips to keep your sanity intact by knowing the right time to text him first and the wrong one.

1. Text him first if your intention is to set up a date for the first time.

It is always okay for women to set up a date.

He could be the one who asks you out on a date but it is also okay for you to follow it up with well-thought plans.

If anything, it only goes to show just how interested you are, just what kind of independent woman you are,

and just how much you want everything to take place. And these are all good signs for your date.

2. Text him first after seeing him.

This may work even better for when you have just exchanged number with him but has yet to have a conversation via text messages.

Let’s say you bump into him at a specific place. You two are engaged in a small conversation.

You may text him the moment he leaves or after waiting for a couple of minutes since he leaves.

A simple message like “It was great seeing you just now” or something else of similar tone will keep everything rolling.

Once a nice line of communication is established, setting up a date would only be a matter of time.

3. Text him first if he has not to text you in several days.

Admittedly, the practice of not contacting women after a specific amount of day is falling out of fashion these days but still, accidents happen.

Things at work might get in the way and personal issues are always real burdens to take care of.

If after several days you still have not heard from him, it is okay for you to send something like “Hope you’re having a fun day” or, if there is a date coming up, “Can’t wait for Saturday night!”

Messages of this type show that you are still interested in him without looking like you’re pushing or being overeager.

4. Do not text him if three times of your text get no answered.

Nothing says that you are too eager and desperate than doing this. Send one text message at a time.

However, don’t ever send a fourth message after three pieces of “Good morning!” every day for three consecutive days.

Making a relationship work goes both ways; you don’t want to be the only one putting so much energy into all of this.

5. Do not text him first if there is no thoughtful word to say.

It is okay to feel like texting him but when you don’t know what to say, you might as well take it easy.

A “Hey!” every time is a tad too boring even when he is clearly interested in you.

Instead, follow that “Hey!” with something meaningful like a sentence discussing a movie that was at theater the moment you two met last time.

This will help show him that he is on your mind and that you care enough about what you talked about.

6. Do not text him first if it was you who set up the last date.

He should be the next doing the same for the second. Guys can be pretty vague at times.

Following the first date, he might say something like “I’d love to go for the second date” but then you never hear anything further from him.

Here’s the thing, if you have responded to his asking you out again with something positive, you don’t text him first to talk about it.

If he is interested enough, he should make the effort this time.

Dating is already complicated enough a matter. You should not add texting to the list of what drives it even harder for you to follow.

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